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Website Design and Search Engine Optimization

I work on improving under-performing websites for boutique businesses with a focus on increasing traffic from search results.  I specialize in working directly with principals in helping align their business strategy with an optimized website.

Clients tend to own businesses that benefit from:

  • Improved local search results
  • Website upgrades for outdated sites
  • Increased customer communication and contact
  • Exploring time efficient ways to pursue social media

Businesses themselves tend to have:

  • Geographic location or Service Area
  • Boutique-sized, small businesses with a strong owner presence
  • High return for an increase in the right type of traffic


A typical projects proceeds in this way:

Selecting Platforms & Technologies
Wireframe and Design
Implement & Perfect
Support and Maintain

Types of Sites

Custom Designed Sites
Assistance with Shopify, Hubspot, Weebly etc.
Owner Selected Templates

About Blogs – WordPress

Often business owners are not sure if they really need a blog but are interested in exploring the idea. I help look at the ability of owners to carve out time for blogging and ways to make the process run smooth. I provide access to a sample WordPress blog so you can see the inner workings of the software. I’ll also work out a strategy, and even possible sources for posts, from acceptable sources in your segment, to get you through the first year.

About Social Media

I help clients focus on which areas of social media present the best return for their limited time. It may be only a LinkedIn account, Newsletter signups, Facebook and/or Twitter accounts with occasional posts or Pinterest, for products with visual interest. If Social Media is not on your schedule at this time, then at a minimum we will update your LinkedIn and gather accounts with your company name for when you are ready to proceed.

Search Engine Optimizing (SEO)

Search Engine Optimizing refers to improving your sites performance in searches.  This may  by providing valuable content for inbound marketing, targeting particular search terms, geographies, topics and also some listings. We start with exploring content ideas for inbound marketing, keyword and listing research, then update or redesign your site to incorporate our research. We then monitor and make adjustments as data is collected from traffic to your site. We also provide off-site optimization work by locating other unique sources that provide visibility for your services.

A significant amount of your potential clients will Google your business to check your validity, your client list and testimonials, and possibly even a general search to see if there is a better alternative. A site that is optimized for search is also more organized, the process of optimizing forces you to think about the phrases that best define your work, your philosophy and your targeted market terms.

Not Ready for a Project Yet?

No problem, but perhaps as a minimum we can add Google Analytics to your site for a small fee. You can then start collecting visitor information for when you are ready to proceed. Google Analytics will tells us which search terms, referrals sites and links customers are using to arrive at your site and also which pages they prefer when they arrive. Often, we find that a customer is only getting visits from people who already know their name, we work to broaden that traffic.


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