For an Avada WordPress site, Bing warns my site has no H1 or multiple H1.

Avada is a powerful and versatile theme. This article describes an issue that has a very small impact but if you want to scoop up all possible traffic it’s worth correcting. Say you’ve carefully created just one H1 title for every page on your website. Viewing the page shows only one H1 title, perfect! But there is an H1 error message in the SEO section on Bing Webmaster tools.

And yet your page clearly has only 1 H1.

If you’re using Avada, it is most likely a result of using the Title Element, which has a default wrap of H1, and also selecting an H1 through the visual/text editor displayed within the Title Element window. When you do both of those actions each one creates an H1 so you end up with 2 tags.

To find out if Bing is correct:

How to find out if Bing is correct.

  • Right-Click View Source on your page
  • Use the FIND tool to locate any instance of “<h1”. You can see there are 2 instances in my page.
locating avada multiple h1 error
locating avada multiple h1 error
  • Locate the two (or more) h1’s and check out the HTML code. Here is how the code is rendered. You can see it has double <h1> tags in orange and yellow.
HTML code showing multiple h1's

Here is the HTML from above showing the two H1’s.

<h1 class=”title-heading-left” style=”margin:0;”><h1>My First H1 Title</h1></h1>

How to remove the extra H1.

It’s an easy fix. When you use the Avada Title Element it always wraps your text in an H tag. The default is H1. On new titles, you can avoid multiple tags by using only the Title element DESIGN tab to select H’s.

To correct previous titles, it’s probably easiest to just create a new clean title. You could also use the visual/text editor to strip out the <h1> tags and then select and H1 via the DESIGN tab. When done correctly the text editor won’t show any HTML tags as they are applied later.

Use the Avada Title Element DESIGN tab to set your titles H1,2,3

Do not use the embedded WordPress editor to assign a title:

If you happen to be in a text block and create titles you’re all set, Avada won’t add the extra wrapper.

This will happen for any Titles created in the Title Element. If you create an H3 tag using the WordPress editor within the Title Element then the Title Element will still wrap it with the default H1 tag. You’ll end up with <h1><h3>Some title</h3></h1>

For the record, Google does not worry about multiple H1 tags on a page. Google’s own Matt Cutts says that multiple H1’s are fine if it makes sense for your page. An entire page in H1 will cause some issues!

Bing is definitely both more sensitive to multiple H1’s and also less sophisticated than Google. If traffic is important then keep Bing happy too!