Bringing in Steady Stream of New Clients

This is what we like to see!

A year later this client has a nice stream of organic search results and is topping the list for the two main service components he offers.

2014 Orange
2015 Blue



So many important metrics, new visitors, bounce rate, conversion, all taken into account when measuring traffic to a site through Google Analytics.




What is Local Search?

If you want to be found locally you need to pay attention to the local search ecosystem.  It sounds simple but as this map below demonstrates it can be a bit complicated.  Google geographic search results are powered by local search and that means determining which of these paths are important for your segment.  In developing a search optimized site one of our goals is to utilize this environment- the local search ecosystem – as effectively as possible. We begin with the foundations and then incrementally build a robust and consistent network of feeder sources for your site.

Copyright David Mihm Director of Local Search Strategy – Product Team - MOZ
Copyright David Mihm
Director of Local Search Strategy – Product Team

NAP – name, address, phone number – keep’em consistent!

Consistency is the name of the game for Google. Any references to your company should follow an exact pattern for Name, Address, Phone. Even abbreviated terms should be consistent for example using LLC every time or Road vs Rd. Before beginning any SEO projects make sure you have finalized your NAP and then use it exactly as decided for both on-site and off-site listings, links and directories.