Good User Interface for Internet Marketing

Good user interface is an art.  Creating an effective and rich message that is also clear and concise will enhance your visitors experience and facilitate completion of Calls-to-Action.  This interactive and visual site gives beautiful examples of how to arrange and deliver your message for optimal conversion and minimal frustration. Here is the site GoodUI. […]

Wordoids! Searching for Domain Names that Sound Great

A clever little tool that takes your word choice and creates nice sounding options.  It is surprisingly good at creating natural-sounding words.  Meanwhile it also is checking to see if the domain is available. Searching for Domain Names that Sound Great and ARE available

Fast and Easy Domain Name Checks

Selecting a domain name can be an arduous task. Marketing and availability collide when your selected domain is not available. Here is a great little site that makes domain name checking fast and easy… Best to snap up a domain name that you really want. They do tend to disappear, some people claim that a […]