Searching for the Perfect Brand Name

I recently started a new project and needed a domain name and matching social media channels.  This particular project revolves around images so Instagram was the most critical social stream.  My top pick for a domain name ( was available, fantastic. I went to Instagram to check my name and a tween was using the name for his collection of 5 Bruins game photos. I could try to buy his twitter handle but this was a low budget operation and tweens are probably wily social media negotiators. Back to the drawing board, but this time I used a tool to do the checking for me, this is one of the many I found: – Social and Domain Name Availability Search For Brand Professionals

It seems very accurate but I would use it as a first pass and then go manually check the actual social channels that are critical to your success. It’s also a good idea to make sure you haven’t inadvertently selected a name or hashtag that has negative content associated with it.  Search for both @theNewName  and #theNewName on all channels.


Is it Smart to Yodle?

Not really.

Well it can depend, for most of my clients we have spent time building up a better web presence.  Yodle, Yellow pages, all these services will mirror your site on a new domain with a phone number they can use to track incoming calls.  While it may seem great to gain usage of the domain for your Maine roaster shop, you won’t actually own the domain.  When Yodel and you part ways, which you will eventually, then they still own the domain and all the traffic associated with it.  That is your Traffic! To further complicate issues the floating domain may now be used by a competitive coffee shop in Maine.  Clearly not an ideal setup, owning your domains and controlling how they are implemented is critical.  We can create lasting results by building up traffic resources over time.

Bing, Yelp, all these locations will have your listing claimed by Yodle and then they will sub out your contact info for their floating domains and numbers.  When you leave Yodle it will be very difficult to get these back.

The phone number is also an issue.  Clients will see a Yodle number rather than your business number. The number generally will have an “out-of-state” feel to it rather then having your states area code.

Situations where I may want to use Yodel: quick business setup that is short term, maybe  popup retail shop.  Any solution where we need traffic real fast but maybe aren’t as concerned about future traffic.





Good User Interface for Internet Marketing

Good user interface is an art.  Creating an effective and rich message that is also clear and concise will enhance your visitors experience and facilitate completion of Calls-to-Action.  This interactive and visual site gives beautiful examples of how to arrange and deliver your message for optimal conversion and minimal frustration.

Here is the site GoodUI.

We would be happy to implement any of these ideas for your site. When I am thinking about a new page I often visit this site to help simplify exactly what it is I want to accomplish and what are some ways to do so.

By the way this large screen, scrollable content is becoming very popular for sites like this one that delivers a whopping amount of information that is very focused.  It provides a great format for holding attention and minimizing distractions.  While first-time visitors may find the experience unique and informative multi-time visitors can get frustrated by a long forced scroll. Anchoring each segment with an easy way to navigate makes it work very well.

This format can also be used for complex sites but the effect of a “one page” site on search visibility is probably pretty negative.

Fast and Easy Domain Name Checks

Selecting a domain name can be an arduous task. Marketing and availability collide when your selected domain is not available. Here is a great little site that makes domain name checking fast and easy…

Best to snap up a domain name that you really want. They do tend to disappear, some people claim that a domain search initiates a purchase by a third party in order to sell it back to you! Domize claims your searches are private although speed comes at slight cost of accuracy.

DOM!ZE, Domain Name Check