Vintage Designs Brought Back to Life, Hand-screening at Griswold

My client, Griswold Textile, is a hand-screening fabric mill in Rhode Island.  Griswold’s long history in textile manufacturing means they have some treasures from the past in the building.  The Fabric company Duralee discovered the antique screens of Griffin and Bailey and decided to revitalize the designs.  Here is their story…


Get a sneak peak behind the making of Bailey & Griffin’s debut collection with Robin Gordon, VP of marketing and advertising for Duralee; Anne Hahn, interior designer and consultant for Duralee; and Jack Wilson, Manager at Griswold Printworks in Westerly, Rhode Island.

Hand Printed Fabric Blog

Wix Site for Medical Company

A responsive website for a medical company provides up-to-date information on clinical results, applications, and support.  Wix’s responsive version is slightly different than other platforms.  It allows you to view your page in mobile and remove items that you prefer not to show.  If you make a mistake you can refresh the page and redo as you wish.  It’s not quite as responsive as Squarespace, where layouts are designed from mobile out to a larger screen, but it does provide customization. On Squarespace, you would need to suppress elements with CSS to hide them on your mobile version.  Easy to do if you know basic CSS but not obvious to the typical user.

Thermedical Website

The different screen versions:

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Surfskiers Love Their Classifieds!

SurfSkiRacing is a collaborative site for which I provided the WordPress expertise and a focus on search visibility.  The aim of the site is to promote the sport of surfski kayaking.  As an avid surfskier myself, I really enjoy both coding and reading the content.  Planning a recent redesign for the site and selecting and customizing our new theme was great fun.

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Welcome to Griswold Textile Print, Inc.

Griswold Textile Print, Inc. is a hand screened textile mill in Rhode Island. We are working with them on search optimization for their site to attract new clients. Many textile designers are unaware that the production facilities of an actual printed fabric mill are available to them. Griswold produces fabric for high end decorator showrooms and for artisans with their own shops and fabric lines.

We have updated their site, a cost-effective way to target new traffic. We have also added a blog to increase visibility and showcase textile designers working with Griswold Textile Print, Inc.

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Welcome to Planning for Strong Communities!


Planning for Strong Communities is focusing their efforts on projects involving transit and transportation issues. As a particular area of interest, we also see a need for creative and environmentally sound solutions in this area.

Planning for Strong Communities is a Tucson-based LLC providing consulting services to planning projects in municipal and regional agencies. Their site serves the purpose of marketing their services to prospective clients in a professional manner.

Visit their site at Planning for Strong Communities

Welcome to COMPASS Wealth Management

COMPASS Wealth Management is located in Concord, MA. Their project was a site redesign. Pages were updated to further clarify their offerings and the also highlight the firms focus on customer service. As they already had a successful newsletter, partnered with Morningstar and managed via Constant Contact, we added a library of all past articles in pdf form. LinkedIn was the obvious choice for a social media channel so we added links.


A Site for a Professional Therapist

Professional, small boutique businesses are our specialty.  Small business owners are extremely aware of the needs and actions of their clients and taking time to understand and incorporate an owner’s specific perspective is critical to site design.

Betsy Madden Echols operates a thriving psychotherapy practice in Portsmouth, RI.  Her site acts as a referral, verification and informational source for her clients.

The website for Rhode Island Counseling is a custom coded site using HTML and CSS.  A bright, and cheery website, it provided a place to gain clients and provide clients with information, forms, and directions.

The original site designed just before the move to mobile, so was not responsive to the different screen sizes.   I recently redesigned the CSS code to adapt to any screen size.  I basically looked at the site as is and then selected breakpoints where the width broke the site content.  Using those breakpoints I recoded the CSS for all divs and it was ready to go.  That means the site is pretty much device independent and resizes based only on screen sizes.