Welcome to Griswold Textile Print, Inc.

Griswold Textile Print, Inc. is a hand screened textile mill in Rhode Island. We are working with them on search optimization for their site to attract new clients. Many textile designers are unaware that the production facilities of an actual printed fabric mill are available to them. Griswold produces fabric for high end decorator showrooms […]

NAP – name, address, phone number – keep’em consistent!

Consistency is the name of the game for Google. Any references to your company should follow an exact pattern for Name, Address, Phone. Even abbreviated terms should be consistent for example using LLC every time or Road vs Rd. Before beginning any SEO projects make sure you have finalized your NAP and then use it […]

A Marine Services Company

The first part of this project is a WordPress site for a boat shrink wrapping and hauling business in Connecticut Shrink the Boat.  Search visibility was a priority so Local Search was optimized.  Local listings can be important.  I’ve found links to a company going to a competitor, phone numbers incorrect.  A customer who is trying to reach you […]