Good user interface is an art.  Creating an effective and rich message that is also clear and concise will enhance your visitors experience and facilitate completion of Calls-to-Action.  This interactive and visual site gives beautiful examples of how to arrange and deliver your message for optimal conversion and minimal frustration.

Here is the site GoodUI.

We would be happy to implement any of these ideas for your site. When I am thinking about a new page I often visit this site to help simplify exactly what it is I want to accomplish and what are some ways to do so.

By the way this large screen, scrollable content is becoming very popular for sites like this one that delivers a whopping amount of information that is very focused.  It provides a great format for holding attention and minimizing distractions.  While first-time visitors may find the experience unique and informative multi-time visitors can get frustrated by a long forced scroll. Anchoring each segment with an easy way to navigate makes it work very well.

This format can also be used for complex sites but the effect of a “one-page” site on search visibility is probably pretty negative.

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