The first part of this project is a WordPress site for a boat shrink wrapping and hauling business in Connecticut Shrink the Boat.  Search visibility was a priority so Local Search was optimized.  Local listings can be important.  I’ve found links to a company going to a competitor, phone numbers incorrect.  A customer who is trying to reach you is much more important than site traffic that may or may not convert.   Clients are better than traffic so we make sure all your communications channels are open and correct. The Pete’s Marine Services site performs really well providing ample customers that help grow the business.

The second part of this project was a scheduling website for boat pumpouts.  Having responsibility for one of the Connecticut coast’s busiest areas, Coastal Clean Waters is primarily a booking website.


I located a plugin with a very nice layout and edited some PHP code to replace staff with location.  Mystic River, Thames River, and Fishers Island boaters use the site to schedule their state-sponsored pumpouts.



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