SurfSkiRacing is a collaborative site for which I provided the WordPress expertise and a focus on search visibility.  The aim of the site is to promote the sport of surfski kayaking.  As an avid surfskier myself, I really enjoy both coding and reading the content.  Planning a recent redesign for the site and selecting and customizing our new theme was great fun.

The site has two main authors, and many guest authors, and an engaged audience of dedicated athletes.  In addition to appealing content, a  busy classifieds market leads to about 500 visits a day.  In the early days of the blog, we joked that the same 50 people were on it every day but now new visitors are a substantial part of the 500-a-day  traffic.  The site increased traffic via the time-intensive effort of well-written articles,  links, and an extremely popular classifieds. The classifieds are designed so that each ad looks like an individual article, dramatically boosting our search results for boat views.  We also see lots of international visitors from surfski meccas in South Africa and Australia.  We also have added a comprehensive race database, tracking routes and results from around North America, from a talented coder who also races.  For the very competitive tribe of performance paddlers. this is an informative and motivating site!