I can assist with selecting

  • website platforms,
  • developing websites
  • analytics
  • search visibility
  • content creation
  • training and documentation.




Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Services

From Evaluation to Optimization

[toggle_content title=”Add Google Analytics”]Add Google Analytics tracking software to your site. Gathering this free data from Google provides valuable insight into where your traffic is coming from and ways to improve your site.[/toggle_content]

[toggle_content title=”SEO Site Evaluation”]An evaluation of your current website for search optimization opportunities.[/toggle_content]
[toggle_content title=”Basic Site Overhaul”]An option for clients with limited budgets to make small set of SEO and visual improvements to their site .  Includes both on site and off site (listing and citations and links) optimization and charged by hourly basis.[/toggle_content]

[toggle_content title=”SEO Services”]Monthly implementation of well defined SEO goals.  We’ll begin with an assessment and then put plans into action and track progress over time.  Generally need about 6 months to fully register and confirm progress.[/toggle_content]



Website Design Projects

From affordable boutique sites to WordPress blogs, we provide a range of options to suit your needs.

[toggle_content title=”Wordpress Websites and Blogs”]We provide a complete range of services and support for WordPress sites.

WordPress is an extremely popular blogging platform that allows users to edit their own sites without having any coding knowledge.

We assist with:

[custom_list style=”list-11″]

  • Customization and theme selection
  • Training for admin and blogging
  • Creating content
  • Blogging strategies
  • Blog Search Optimization
  • Site Maintenance from updates to security


[toggle_content title=”Custom Sites”]Custom sites, sites specifically designed for your unique goals, are a great option for many businesses.  We can design a site to match your specific vision.[/toggle_content]

[toggle_content title=”Off-the-Shelf Sites”]For people who prefer to create a site using Shopify, Weebly or other pre-packages services, we provide assistance in setting up and optimizing your site for your goals[/toggle_content]



Support Services

Support to maintain and enhance your site

[toggle_content title=”Responsive Editing driven by Traffic Goals”]Our turnaround time is extremely fast!

Due to our emphasis on site optimization we thoroughly enjoy editing your site with SEO goals in mind. For example, if we are adding content to a page, we may also Google for similar information to see how your competition is stacking up That way content is always optimized and traffic is always being monitored and tweaked.

[toggle_content title=”Blog Posts,  Content Support and Blueprints”]We provide any level of assistance required to keep your blog fresh and effective.

Blogs are often more work than anticipated. Bloggers need a constant source of content to keep entering new posts. Many blogs are also visually focused and dealing with images and galleries can be overwhelming. Especially when content is so much more effective if entered with search traffic goals in mind. Tagging images, checking keywords, etc are all important to the functionality of a blog. We can assist with entering and uploading blog content, photos etc.

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  • We can also provide a blueprint for blogging strategies to get you through writer’s block.

[/custom_list]  Stagnant blogs are not useful for generating engagement so we work hard to keep your blog content fresh.[/toggle_content]

[toggle_content title=”Graphic Design Support”]Image Editing, Photoshop Image editing and airbrushing, Illustrator file edits[/toggle_content]


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