Short codes in all modern themes are created with Shortcodes Ultimate. We strongly believe that short codes have no business weighing down themes. With Shortcodes Ultimate you can choose only the short codes you want, and most importantly, if (more like, when) you decide to change your theme, you won’t lose everything!

A New Site for Cape Ann Rowing Club

The Cape Ann Rowing Club website is the home of the Blackburn Challenge Race and the Essex River Race. The previous site was custom-coded so it was cumbersome to update information. We selected Squarespace as the best fit for the new site. DO YOU HAVE PROFESSIONAL IMAGES? Squarespace relies on […]

Bing Warnings for H1 Titles Using Avada?

This article describes an issue with the Avada theme that has a very small impact but if you want to scoop up all possible traffic it’s worth correcting. Say you’ve carefully created just one H1 title for every page on your website. Viewing the page shows only one H1 title, perfect! But there is an error message in the SEO section on Bing Webmaster tools.

The Twenty Nineteen Overlay

The WordPress theme for 2019 is a clean, minimal theme with a beautiful layout. It arrives out of the box with a depressing blue overlay over every image. Luckily the latest update includes a customizable site color that controls the overlay color. It does not have an opacity setting so […]

Vintage Designs Brought Back to Life

My client, Griswold Textile, is a hand-screening fabric mill in Rhode Island.  Griswold’s long history in textile manufacturing means they have some treasures from the past in the building.  The Fabric company Duralee discovered the antique screens of Griffin and Bailey and decided to revitalize the designs.  Here is their […]

Using the WordPress Default Themes, Twenty Seventeen

Each year WordPress develops a new, default, theme to incorporate new ideas on site layout, use, and features. The Twenty Seventeen theme represents a focus on creating company websites in addition to a blogging platform.

Is all your traffic from customers who already know your name?

While the TV show “Cheers” has a nice phrase in their theme song, “Where everybody knows your name”, this is not always desirable in website traffic.  Often a website only receives brand name visits, visits from customers who already know the name.

Welcome to FastPaddler Site

FastPaddler is a new e-commerce site for the company my husband and I operate.  We sell high-end composite paddles from Braca-Sport Corporation.  The site uses the popular Woocommerce plugin to operate an online store. Products pages are customized for a large variety of product options, making ordering simple for customers […]

Using Wix for a Medical Company

Responsive vs mobile This mobile-ready website for a medical company provides up-to-date information on clinical results, applications, and support.  Wix’s mobile version is slightly different than other platforms.  Rather than resizing as the screen is reduced with the narrowest widths on your computer looking exactly the same as on a phone, Wix replaces mobile […]

New Client Intro- Composite Engineering

Composite Engineering, Inc. provides comprehensive design, engineering, and production services for the advanced composite industry. Owned and operated by naval architect, Ted Van Dusen Ph.D., CEI serves clients focused on exceptional design and state-of-the-art fabrication. Composite Engineering Website

10 Great Google Fonts Combos to Copy | Design Shack

The average man considers which flavor of Doritos will taste good with his Heineken. The sophisticated man considers which cheese will pair well with his choice of wine. The designer of course considers which two fonts will look great on the same page. Today we’re going to use the Google […]