Not really.

Well it can depend, for most of my clients we have spent time building up a better web presence.  Yodle, Yellow pages, all these services will mirror your site on a new domain with a phone number they can use to track incoming calls.  While it may seem great to gain usage of the domain for your Maine roaster shop, you won’t actually own the domain.  When Yodel and you part ways, which you will eventually, then they still own the domain and all the traffic associated with it.  That is your Traffic! To further complicate issues the floating domain may now be used by a competitive coffee shop in Maine.  Clearly not an ideal setup, owning your domains and controlling how they are implemented is critical.  We can create lasting results by building up traffic resources over time.

Bing, Yelp, all these locations will have your listing claimed by Yodle and then they will sub out your contact info for their floating domains and numbers.  When you leave Yodle it will be very difficult to get these back.

The phone number is also an issue.  Clients will see a Yodle number rather than your business number. The number generally will have an “out-of-state” feel to it rather then having your states area code.

Situations where I may want to use Yodel: quick business setup that is short term, maybe  popup retail shop.  Any solution where we need traffic real fast but maybe aren’t as concerned about future traffic.





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