Above, Griswold at Night by Jack Wilson.  Griswold is a hand screenprinting mill located in Rhode Island.With a site lacking search optimization and a wide-open competitive field, we had great success locating sources of new customers for Griswold.

Google is a text-reader

The largest issue with the mill website was text.  The site had information in image form, pictures of text, rather than actual HTML text.  Google didn’t have much to find on the site so wasn’t able to display the site for searchers.  I added lots of text about the company, mill, services, sample, yardages etc.  Google became very happy.

Google is also crazy about new content

Griswold’s clients are talented artisans.  We also started a blog using their fabric as examples to potential clients of the quality and volume of work possible.  Each new artisan was featured and gorgeous images of their Griswold printed fabric being used in products were shown. The publicity was good for the mill and the artists.  We drove a fair amount of traffic to their sites by featuring each artist.

Normally you wouldn’t have a separate blog but Griswold had so few competitors, one of two mills left in the USA, that it ended up occupying several of the top spots in Google searches rather than the typical one.  We liked that so we never combined them.

Check out the blog Hand Printed Fabric and follow an artist back to their site and buy something beautiful today.


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