Who is Suceptible to Site Hacking?

Any website can be hacked so it’s important to manage risk by picking a platform that provides the level of security you require. Prevention of hacking is really important for any website and there are many ways to mitigate hacking.  WordPress, Drupal, and other open source codes are very susceptible to hacking attempts as open source means some form of access.  Since it’s easy for you to upload new versions of software and new plugins to your site, it’s also a possible vulnerability point for hacker access.  Squarespace, Wix, Shopify, and other platform builders will take care of all software issues on their end, lessening your exposure. WordPress requires more attention to basic security measures.

WordPress – How to Protect your Site

Our first line of defense against hacking involves setting up WordPress blogs with appropriate user roles and some technical edits to files and databases. Site owners who are not using our editing and monitoring service are encouraged to make sure they are backing up databases and have added appropriate security plugins. We suggest a collection of plugins for these purposes.

Country Blocking for Pesky WordPress Traffic

Using the WordFence plugin to block traffic by country can be a great time-saver.  I also recommend using WPEngine for hosting due to their robust backup service.  If hackers get into your site then just restoring a previous backup is a lifesaver.  As a coder, it’s a lot of fun to travel through a site thwarting a hacker.  As the owner of an e-commerce business, it’s a whole other matter to lose data, customers, information, and up-time.  I prefer to prevent all hacking rather than recover from the event!  Some attacks are insidious, leaving crumbs of code to regenerate hidden deep in your sites SQL database.

The Best Insurance – Have a Backup!

Make sure you know how your site is being backed up. An easy restore feature will allow you to just overwrite your hacked site with a previous stable version, fast and easy. If you are using Squarespace or Wix you can rest easy however always maintain copies of your written content and uploaded files.

How Squarespace backs up your site
In addition to saving your site data on our primary servers, we create a second backup of your content to standby servers. If a primary system goes down, we can switch to these systems to restore service almost instantly. We also have exceptional stability and a stellar reputation for serving high-traffic sites. As you receive more traffic, your site scales up and is well-protected against simple hardware failures.
Files uploaded to your site—such as images, .pdfs, and audio files—are stored on a system that makes copies of your data to multiple physical disks. Our secure off-site storage allows for recovery even in the face of the worst disasters (such as Hurricane Sandy).

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